Monday, May 29, 2017

Mommy Monday Moment With Jenny

This week we have been working on some spring cleaning.  I am definitely not a person that hangs onto items that I don't use, don't need, or don't want.  So, I am consistently decluttering and going through the bedrooms.  We have a ton of toys that the kids want to sell.  However, we are not having your typical yard sale, we are setting up a duck pond game with a ton of colored bins to hold our "prizes" that our yard sale friends can play, win, and take home a treasure.  As we purged, cleaned, and sorted, Kaitlyn and I talked about her growing AG collection.

  My daughter's AGD collection will be something that we will never part with.  I envision her always hanging onto them and passing them down to her children.  Now Natalie, our mess maker, is not ready for an AGD just yet.  We do enjoy playing with them together, but she does much better with baby dolls.  For her 2nd birthday she got the cutest dolly from her Aunt Sarah and an adorable stroller from her Aunt Jordana.  Natty is in love with this doll, she named Emmy.  Emmy goes everywhere she goes.  She takes care of this doll, just as I do with her baby sister, Lauren (9months).  It is just amazing how much little brains soak up.  It was great to see her treat Emmy just like Lauren.  She really is a great little mommy.  My husband and I were getting dinner ready one night this week and the downstairs was pretty quiet. 

 That means only three possibilities: Natty is pooping somewhere, she snuck up stairs with her brother and older sisters, or she is doing something that she shouldn't be.  Well, when we walked into the living room, we found Natty sitting on the area rug with Emmy watching her spoon Lauren's baby food into Emmy's mouth.  Emmy was covered in a spinach, zucchini, and pea mix, my rug was, and Natty.  How could you get mad? You couldn't.  You tell her great job and it looks like Emmy is full. 

 I said in my first post that doll play is much more than motherhood and nurturing, I also emphasized that they are important too.  Building nurturing little people can only make the world a kinder and safer place, which we need.
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