Monday, September 18, 2017

Mommy Monday Moment with Jenny, A Look Back At Her Favorite Toys...

Todays Mommy Monday Post is a look back at Jenny's favorite childhood toys...

Toys! I was the girl that had the biggest imagination, the craziest, wildest play ideas. I was the kid that would drag out ever grocery item from our cupboards and set up a full store, complete with a pharmacy! I was the girl, during winter, that would make a baby doll out of snow and pull it around the snowy yard in my red sled. Thats me on the left!
My sister and I would make full size Barbie houses using VHS tapes and when we wanted to have a little more fun on rainy days we would have our parents obtain a BUNCH of cardboard boxes and we would make a huge tunnel system right in our living room.
Trust me though, I had my favorite toys too! Setting, early 1990’s, sandbox, loaded with Matchbox cars and Polly Pockets. I LOVED Polly Pockets. I would save up any money I earned and by a new set after church on Sunday mornings. I would spend forever in the Ames aisle, assessing each one. I had a huge collection, however, I gave them to my niece when I got older
and haven’t seen them since ☹ #HEARTBROKEN. Last year, I went on EBAY and bought a few of my favorite sets for my daughters, they really held back the enthusiasm that I thought would be present.
This camper set was by far my favorite set I purchased. I loved how her bike hooked on the back! And she was super cool because her legs split so she could ride her bike.

I also had these sets. I really enjoyed the one on the left. I loved how the TV would change with the button on the top, and the purple bean bag had a spot perfect for a girl to sit, and the sofa folded out! AAAAHHHHH I LOVED pull out sofas as a kid! One time I got stuck inside ours – but that’s for another time! HA! Ok – I need to stop looking through EBAY right now – because it is too painful. UGH – I wish I had these still. I had SO many sets and took such great care and really played with them.
When I wasn’t busy with Polly Pockets I had three doll houses and I would lock myself, not literally, in my room for hours and just sit and play. I often look for this kind of play in my own kids – I can’t find it.
So, lesson learned here – save the toys you cherish, because one day you will want to share your childhood play with your own kids. I didn’t, and regret it often.

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