Thursday, September 7, 2017

Throwback Series To The Toys We Have Loved... My Little Pony Stable, Karen Christmas 1983

Karen here and starting this Thursday we have a series we hope you will like in a look back at toys we have loved over the years. Each of us will share some of our most favorite toys from when we grew up. Some we still have some we wish we still had and some we are actively looking to find.

The above photo is of me holding a Strawberry Shortcake doll, and by my hip I my most favorite gift that year which was my My Little Pony Stable. I had one Pony Minty, I still remember how she smelled and walking to the shopping mall toy story with my great grandmother to purchase her 6 months before this photo was taken. I remember putting together this stable and this is a toy I wish I HAD still!
This is a photo of what the Show Stable looked like.

My original Minty is long gone like my stable but I did buy the 25th Anniversary one and have her by my desk. I would love to have this stable back and my original Minty!  While they did a great job with bringing these back for the anniversary, they made Minty a different color! The Original one was not quite the same color. Boy I would love to have the original one!

I remember carrying the stable with me through out the house and playing with my little sister Bre (the curly blonde in the Christmas photo, she had Cotton Candy the pink one and my baby sister Pumpy not shown as she was only a few month old that Christmas, used to chew on the my little ponies we had for the bath!
 Such fun memories and a goal going forward for me trying to find the pony stable and having it to play with when my nieces come over again.

Thank you for taking a trip down memory lane with me this week. I can not wait to see what Jessica T, Madelon, Brandy and Jenny have to share with us during this series.
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  1. Karen, the Christmas photo is so precious! I was 23 that year, so I had put all my toys away, but fortunately my parents kept my original Chatty Cathy doll in her original box for me, so she was stored in my closet along with my other original dolls including Stacey, Francie and Skipper.

  2. I have my daughter my ponies I even had the birth flower ones. :)