Thursday, December 28, 2017

American Girl , Truly Me Boy Dolls...

Madelon very kindly went to the store and caught some wonderful images of the new Truly Me Boy Dolls. I am really excited to finally see these dolls in stores and soon in the hands of doll lovers everywhere.

When I started my doll blog the idea of and the debate over American Girl Dolls having boy counterparts was out of the question. When I interviewed the PR rep for American Girl at the opening of the Lynnwood Store in Washington State many years ago I posed the question and I got the stock answer of no, it is not a way we feel the company should go at this time. Well I am glad that not only did they come around to the idea but now they are expanding the line.

With the addition of more boy dolls to the line, the ideas for more crafts, accessories and doll based activities have me quite excited. In life I find it so interesting that as women and girls we look for and fight for equal treatment and rights in this life and that same fight had to be made for equality in the dolly world too. I am impressed by American Girl and their new line of boys. It gives me hope and pleasure to see such attention to detail and care put back into such a beautiful doll line.  These are my opinions of course and kindly lent photos of Madelon.
I hope you get to see, hold and bring home a new truly me boy doll to your collection very soon.
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