Sunday, December 31, 2017

What Madelon's Mom got her for her Birthday And Christmas This Year!

Madelon is a very lucky adult doll collector who shares her passion freely with all of us. Today however it is Madelon's Mother who has really blown me away with her fun finds, I guess it is easy to see where Madelon gets her knack, drive and love of dolls.

Madelon's mother has been collecting, locating and tracking down items that have been on Madelon's dolly wish list for a long time and I think it is safe to say blew Madelon away this holiday season!
From Felicity's Carriage to Julie's Table and everything in between it is simply amazing!
I love the desk!
Just look the lid lifts!

Just looking at these photos you can feel the excitement, see the quality in the older pieces that are part of the reason the older American Girl items are so collectable and valuable!

Is there anything here in the photos that might even be on your own wish list? I know there are several that would be on mine!

Oh the Island life!
The cotton candy! Oh my! I love this so much!

Well done Madelon's Mom and lucky Madelon for sharing these treasured finds and beautiful gifts with all of us here today. Doll collectors delights, doll play marvels and so much fun to see.
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