Friday, March 23, 2018


This weeks #fridayreads is from a book Madelon loved and recommends.

"We had a n'oreaster today with lots of snow so I decided to read book number 4 in the Tenney series. Set at Christmastime, this story deals with Tenney and Logan's continued partnership and the struggles of performing during their week long holiday tour. It even had a bit of snow. The meaningful novel offers a positive message. I enjoyed the story and recommend it."

Buckle your seatbelts--In this fourth book in the series, Tenney & Logan are taking their show on the road! Christmas is just around the corner, and Tenney can't wait to share their music with fans all over Tennessee. But being on the road is harder than she expected--she's missing out on her favorite holiday traditions at home. . . and why is Logan being such a scrooge? After a series of disappointments, the duo begins to crack under pressure. Can they save the tour--and their holiday spirit--in time for Christmas?

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