Monday, March 5, 2018

Karen's Adventures Back To Barbie Skippers Babysitters INC baby pack...

Friday I had Miss PB and I surprised her with one of the new Skipper's Babysitting Club baby packages. She has been playing with the Barbie Baby that I have had since the 1980's. She was so excited!
I could not leave this little one behind at Walmart and at $3 it was really hard not to buy all the different ones they had there.  This kit comes with baby in a diaper, the bottle and a burp cloth.
Once we got the new baby open she allowed me one quick second to take a side by side before she snatched them both back to play with.
Thank you for joining us for this week's adventures back to Barbie I look forward to sharing more of our Barbie Adventures soon!
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  1. I have a couple of the original Barbie babysitting as you've shown here. Nice to be reminded of them.