Saturday, March 24, 2018

Toys we used to love and an Etsy shop with a special coupon code for our readers, Smiling Memories...

Smiling Memories is a great Etsy shop for those with a passion for  70's/80's toys, one I have spent lots of time looking through and today the shop owners have created a coupon code for our readers! 20% off on anything in shop. Use code 20FORU   
Tops on my list is the New in box Barbie Play Horseback riding pack! 
I could write an entire post about just the Barbie items but they have some of my other favorites too. I remember spending hours with my little people! They have some great finds. I loved this bus and all the people in this, its like looking at old family photos. Click here for the listing.
Oh the Oodles dolls, these were the shopkins of my day. I had so many of them I loved them so much I wish I still had mine! So fun to see them in store. Click here to see them for yourself and so much more! 

Thank you to Smiling Memories for this wonderful offer for our readers. 
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