Monday, March 26, 2018

Karen's Adventures Back To Barbie...Dolly Swimsuits from Balloons!

This weekend three of my nieces are staying with me and we have spent lots of time crafting. The Barbies I bought my niece PB all had bathing suits but the one I bought this summer who is curvy and the ones we got second hand of Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea (Kelly) did not. I do know how to sew but I am an impatient crafter so when I told the girls we could make bathing suits for the other dolls with party balloons they did not believe me.
I have to say after showing them youtube videos of how too I was myself a bit not sure if it would work but the investment of $1.25 on a bag of balloons proved to be a good investment. We fit all the barbies, regular, curvy and the smaller dolls using the same bag of balloons and lots leftover to make more outfits for future dolly swim parties.  The girls were very impressed and so was I. I also like that we can leave these on the dolls and put the clothes over !
This was a fun adventure back to barbie and a trick I wish I knew when I was growing up.
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  1. Be sure to take them back off after the doll's pool party. The dye on many balloons rubs off, bleeds easily, They are quick and cute, though.