Monday, April 11, 2011

Making Polymer Sponge Cake for your doll

Today I thought I would share with you a cake I have made from Polymer clay. This is easy! First I took one full square of Beige polymer clay and worked it into a ball, then I flattened the ball into a cake shape about  3/4 of an inch high and cut it pizza style wedges. Then I took a tooth pick and poked holes in the cake part to reate the sponge look. Next I took some dark brown almost black polymer clay and worked it with my fingers and then cut triangles as "icing" and placed it on top. Then  I took a very small amount of red clay and rolled little egg shaped balls and poked the egg with a tooth pick to make it look like a strawberry. Next I used light green to create "leaves" and placed them on top of the red strawberry and placed the whole strawberry on the top of the "icing" on the cake.

I am really happy how this turned out. It was so easy to make and baked according to the directions on the clay. Polymer Clay food is easy, and fun to make alone or with a group.
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  1. We are thinking about making this for a tea party for our dolls and teddy bear!!!

  2. it's interesting how you did it. I would have laid the icing on the cake first and then cut it into slices.

  3. I bet you could easily rework this into a Mardi Gras King cake for the new dolls that are coming out!


  4. Thanks for the tip I need to find out what a Mardi Gras King Cake is! and I will get to work on it!

  5. I hope that I can find polymer clay. I don't think they have it in Nicaragua.(I live here.)

  6. - how cute, I love it!

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  8. That is what a perfect sponge cake from a polymer clay we can make. It is beautifully designed as it seems very original.

  9. Thank you it was one of my first attempts at working with polymer clay. Still a favorite of mine!

  10. Woo, It looks almost the same as the original one. The polymer clay is the suitable material to make like this.