Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Amazing Inky...

If you are new to the doll world there are some very famous doll sites you should check out, my personal favorite has to be Inky. Who is a fictional character who will make you believe she is a real girl.

Inky's blog is Super Inky and her stories and adventures can be found on this wonderful blog. Click here to visit Super Inky

Inky lives in New York and has many wonderful doll friends like Piper
and her best friend Violet

Inky  even has her own Facebook Fan Page click here to join in the fun!
Inky and her friends have so much fun year round and I always look forward to Inky's holiday photos
Inky is also a Ballet Dancer
As well as a Girl who loves Science.

So if you are looking for some wonderful summer fun reading and inspiration check out Super Inky and her blog and Facebook Fan page today!

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  1. I really enjoy Inky's blog, and have it bookmarked in my faves, as well as her friends Piper, and Anna Lee Merced.

  2. What?! Inky isn't a real girl?! ;)

    My doll, Sophie, very much treasures her friendship with Inky. She's such a fun little doll! I'm looking forward to meeting her myself someday. :)


  3. Great photos! I especially like her t shirt in the first pic!