Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dolly Disaster Averted, with Doll Wiggs from Blythaholic

Blythaholic    's Etsy shop has come to my rescue recently and I wanted to share with you just how so....

My niece Laura recently decided to give her AG doll Tianna a new hair style, with scissors. **GASP** I know, but as Aunty of this dear little girl I could let her doll spend the rest of her growing up years with a doll how was the recipient of a less then fashionable hair style so I went to the Etsy shop of Blytholic, whom I had purchased wigs for my AG doll in the past.
Blythaholic Shop owner Joey creates hand sewn wigs that fit not only Blythe  Dolls but also are large enough to fit our American Girl dolls.
As you can see with the help of Blythaholic's wig Tianna is party ready with her new auburn hair which has been styled by my 4 year old niece in this photo.
This is the wig I bought shown on  Joey's doll. Click here for the listing.

You may be wondering why I choose this option rather then send Tianna off to the doll hospital. The truth is price. My wig from Blythaholic was less then $25 shipped! As I live in Canada to send Tianna to the AG hospital would cost me almost as much as a new doll in store. So for now until Laura is older, I love the idea that we can use these affordable wigs and change up her dolls hair by swapping out the doll wigs.

I have so many of Joey's wigs in my wish list, the above is another of Joey's wigs I have purchased.
Click here  for the link to this wonderful and fun wig, priced at only $16 and only $5 shipped world wide. The photo of my Chrissa wearing the wig was taken in my early blogging days.
This wig was also featured on Liberty Jane and Cinnamon was actually the person who introduced me to Joey's work.

 Click here for Liberty Jane's Pattern site.
Here are my Before and Afters of Chrissa
and After
It is so much fun being able to switch back and forth!

I love Joey's Lady Gaga inspired wig click here for listing.

I contacted Joey and let her know I was going to write about her shop and I asked her some questions I would like to share with you now...

 When did you start making Wigs?

"I started making them around 7 years ago when was 19. I was still in school, didnt have that much extra money for new dolls, the only difference i noticed about different blythe dolls were that they had different hair styles. I started buying wigs online, but slowly... the ones that i can find no longer interests me... Then i started making my own wigs, ordering wefted hair online to sew my very own wigs."

What inspires you to create so many colorful and stylish wigs?

"I just try to pay a lot of attention to hairstyles... from TV, Magazines, people around me.. even cartoon characters! I just tried to combine bits and pieces of styles and color that I like together"

How long does each wig take to create?

"Not very long, it takes me about 10 minutes to sew one wig right now. And around another 5-10 minutes to cut and style them after its been sewn."

What is your favorite thing about the dolls you create your wigs for?

"I have to say their changeable eye colors. Each Blythe doll has 4 sets of eye chips. One looking on the left side, one on the right side, and two looking straight. They come in 4 different colors and Blythe lovers always tend to change their eye chips allowing them to look more unique."

Also if there is anything you would like my readers to know about you or your work please let me know.

* "I would like my customers to know that my wigs are not heat resistant, please do NOT try using a flat/curling iron or anything similar on these wigs. The wefted hair are made by a mixture of silk and plastic. I did not choose to work with heat resistant hair because they are mostly made with real human hair.. and also they do not look as shiny and silky as the ones I work with"

"I would also like to take this chance and explain why I don't take custom orders online.  I was once contacted by Etsy that they suspect my wigs are not handmade because some customers reported to them that I do not accept custom orders... however, I did prove it to them that it was handmade by me.

I do not accept custom orders due to a TWO reasons:

1) I do not always have the exact materials that customer wants.
The wefted hair is ordered from China, they come in different color, different length, and different curls. I do not dye the wefts myself, and I do  ALWAYS cut to the style myself. It is very difficult for me to stock up ALL colors and ALL style and length at home."

This was my second choice for Laura's Doll, I loved the colors and curl in this wig.
Click Here for listing

Joey has more then 86 different Blythe wigs that will fit our AG dolls currently in her Etsy shop
click here for the shop section that contains these fun and fashion forward styles.

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  1. So sad, her shop isn't open anymore! Do you think that any Blythe doll wig will fit my AG doll?

  2. Do you happen to know if AG wigs will fit Disney Animator dolls? Thank you.