Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dear Jillian

Dear Jillian,
School just ended and we are moving to a new city and new school. I am worried about moving and making new friends. 
Your Friend,

Oh Claire,
Moving to a new city and a new school that sounds challenging! But sometimes challenging can be fun. I love moving, actually I think it is a bit of an adventure, I love to pack up my room and imagine where I am going to put everything when we move in.  I love to draw a map of what my room will look like and then practice setting it up...but back to your question. It is always hard to start over, however there are somethings that  you can do that might help you before school starts. If you get to move in and settle a bit in your new home before school starts, see if you can get your parents to take you to the local library, there you may find other kids your age that may just be going to the same school as you. While you are there check out this book called AMERICAN GIRL LIBRARY THE CARE AND KEEPING OF FRIENDS ISBN 1-56247-482-0  Though it is an older American Girl book,this book has some really helpful advice and it is so easy to read. It has some fun quizzes as well. I love that it also has a section about how to keep in touch with your old friends and how to make new friends when you move. If you like swimming or skating and your new community offers drop in, maybe stop in and sign up. It is always easier making friends when you are in a situation you are familiar with like dance, swimming or skating lessons! I know you will still feel a bit uneasy in a new situation but I am sure you will start to feel better once you get where you are going!
Good luck with your move and remember I am always here for you!
Your friend,

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