Monday, June 11, 2012

Cool Dolly Drinks for Summer My Etsy Favorites!

I thought I would share some of my favorite Dolly Drink makers on Etsy with you today.
The above is a wonderful creation by Anns AG Miniatures offered at $19.99 this is my favorite listing in her shop.
Also offered is this Doll Sized Frozen Coffee Drink offered at  $2.99 and looks good enough to eat!
Click here for listing
Over at Dolly Delights I love this set offered at $13.95 click here for listing
Jessie Raye offers us this thirst quenching creation at $4.49 click here for listing and finally,
these Root beef floats remind me of the kind we would have as kids as a treat at our local A&W which used to be a dine in full service car hop and restaurant (showing my age here) Offered at $3.50 from Miniature food for Dolls Etsy shop click here for listing

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  1. Jessieraye's etsy shop review. I ordered from her. Many different scale doll foods and drinks. The drinks were good. The doll foods were the worst ever! When I left her a message even offered to ship them back to her she became a mental case. She called my kids names. She demeaned my girls terribly and when I asked her to not mention my kids as I dont hers she than went off saying stupid, immature comments of demeaning my family. I filed etsy complaint. Unbelievable lady!!