Friday, June 15, 2012

Meet the Creative Blogger behind Super Inky and friends.

Those of you who may already be familiar with the wonderful personality of Super Inky may wonder a bit about the creative genius behind her. Enter Colette.
I asked Colette to share some back ground information on Inky and her history and her in her own words here is Colette's story...

"Inky is a My American Girl #4. When I got her, I didn't have any original characters- just Josefina, Kaya, and Marisol.  I spent part of my childhood in Ukraine, so I knew I wanted to have a Russian-speaking doll.  I'm American Indian and as a child I really wished for more dolls of color.  At the time that I bought her, Inky was the only Asian doll. (Jess would come out the next year.)  I wanted to have a diverse collection, so I knew I wanted #4.  I originally wanted to name her Coral, but I couldn't get the name "Inky" out of my head.  I knew a girl with that name would have to be an enthusiastic and friendly girl, so I decided to keep it. "

"A lot of Inky's story centers around who she is.  She was adopted as a little girl and she studies ballet.  My father was a ballet dancer, so I wanted to honor him by adding that to Inky's story.  I also think adoption stories need to be told, so, I made Inky adopted from Russia.  She's also home schooled, which I think is a great educational choice.  It also gives me the freedom to bring her traveling with me at any time of year.  So far, Inky has been to the Netherlands, Ukraine, France, England, and all over the United States. "

"When I started out, I didn't really take photos of dolls.  Shortly after I got Inky, I went to Ukraine and thought I might give doll traveling photos a whirl. I received a lot of positive feedback on my photos, so I've never stopped.  Now, I rarely go on a trip without bringing Inky along.  Luckily, my family is used to it by now!  In 2007, I decided to start Inky's blog.  I'm on my sixth year of doll blogging and I love hearing from girls.  I've met some wonderful friends through Inky's blog.  She really is a blessing in my life. "
 I would like to thank Colette for granting us this behind the scenes information on Super Inky
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  2. Thanks Collette! I really love reading about Inky's exploits. I'm an adult doll mom too, and a little hesitant about taking my Julie (Springfield Collection doll) out and about for photos. I already get weird looks from passers by when taking shots on my front lawn! But I'm going to Seattle soon, and she's coming w/ me, so maybe. BTW...Inky is a creative name, but I really like her real name, Marinka, a lot better.

  3. What fun, I too get funny looks for my photos but I think about how much fun they are and that others enjoy them and when asked I tell them, I am a professional Doll photographer, my work is seen around the world and enjoyed by many...
    Nothing wrong with the truth!