Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dear Jillian

Dear Jillian,

My parents are sending me to a sleep away camp this year and I am really worried that I will not have a good time. I have to leave my dolls and my dog behind, I am really nervous. I prefer day camp like I did last year but this year my mom says I have to try sleep away camp for a whole week!
I have never been to a camp where you sleep over. What if no one likes me?
I am already home sick!
Your friend,

Dear Abby,
I understand how you must feel.  Sleep away camp can seem really scary if you have not done it before. But like most things once you are there you will see how much fun it can be!
I loved my sleep away camp, you just might find you do too. 
Sleep away camps are much like day camps only the fun doesn't end before dinner. When I was at camp I loved learning how to canoe and we even did archery! Which I loved. My camp was a mixed camp of boys and girls and we had lots of fun games where we played and raced against them. 
I was worried at night the first night but after we had campfire and got to our cabins I was so tired I forgot to be homesick! I also loved the food and crafts at my camp. We earned beads for each activity we did. We even slept outside one night!
Try to not worry too much, I am sure you will make a friend quickly. I was surprised at how quickly the week went by and how much fun I had. See if you can take some photos of the things you love with you as they are easier to pack. Keeping a photo of your dog and your family and dolls in your pillow case will help keep them close to you!
I know you have so much fun.
Your friend, 

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