Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Great House For the Mini's... I Could Not Wait To Share Madelon's Inspiring Fun Find!

I know that Mini Monday is a few days away but I could not wait to share Madelon's find with you!

"I saw this wooden decorative box at Target and thought it would make a great room for the minis to celebrate. For $14.99, it turned out to be a great deal."
The possibilities for this one room doll house for the mini dolls is so inspiring! 
Create a bed room or living room for your mini dolls, or how about a one room school house?
Madelon has a knack for finding perfect items for the mini dolls, from this mini tree to the outfit that Ivy is wearing that was painstakingly removed from a Christmas Ornament!!!
Her dollar store table works perfectly to display this mini snow man for her dolls house!
I hope you are inspired to create something for the doll lover in your life this holiday season and I just love this Madelon's Fun Find! I hope you find one at your local Target! I know I am off to look for one too!
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  1. Cool! When will you post the winner of the Sisterhood In Town doll? :)

  2. I saw this and it is adorable. For those on a tight budget, it is also easy to make out of a cardboard box.

  3. Hi Dollygirl, I did post the winner on the side bar of the blog but our winner was Rebecca S. her entry number 13 was picked by!

  4. This is great! I love the box and it is perfect for a doll house. thank you for sharing your find with us.