Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Madelon's Target Fun Finds!

Madelon has some fantastic holiday costumes for dolls from Target's dollar store pet costumes section.

 First she wanted to share what was in the three dollar section - this great Christmas tree costume that makes a great doll Christmas tree skirt!
What I love is it makes a great doll costume for a dolly school play or formal parade float skirt!
Also offered is this holiday sweater for dogs that works as a sweater dress for dolls!
I do love the details on the sweater as they are not over the top Traditional Christmas colors.
The only draw back is one side which is meant to be the dogs belly is like this but its not a bad doll play deal for $1.
Madelon says she usually buys the small dog size for the costumes but you may find on the sweater the medium one may work better!
Have fun and happy holiday shopping! Please share your dolly re-purposed fun finds with us by email or by leaving a comment here.
Thank you Madelon for this wonderful fun find!
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  1. They had a really cute santa one with some tulle on the bottom at my Target also.