Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day in Canada, Veterns Day in The USA...Today I remember

Today in Canada it is Remembrance Day.
Today is a day we remember all those who fought and died for the freedom we experience today. 
This year my family traveled to Pearl Harbor when we visited Hawaii and it was a truly humbling experience. We also visited the Mighty Mo and had a tour lead by one of the most incredibly well spoken veterans who volunteers his time providing history lessons and an in depth look at what was experienced first hand. 
 on Friday I sat in the Remembrance Day Ceremony at my children's school and listened as my son's in Grade one, five and seven lead this ceremony. Among our honored guests two surviving veterans of World War 2. It occurred to me that my children's generation will be the last to have such an experience. These gentlemen all in their late 80's still selflessly giving their time to Canadians sharing stories of what it was like, a first hand account. So that we may remember and never forget that freedom came at a huge cost and that freedom is not free. 
Today I remember and I hope you will too.
Remember the veterans, remember the dead and remember those still fighting daily for the freedom we enjoy today. Thank you personally to the military families, to those who follow my blog, who also sacrifice and suffer for the freedom we enjoy today.

Today I remember and am thankful for all of you.
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