Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Doll Beds, Places For Your Dolls To Lay Their Heads this Holiday Season!

Well one of my most favorite places to be on days like today when the weather is cold and wet is in my bed! That got me to thinking about all the wonderful choices out there for doll beds and with the holiday season upon us now is a great time to think about where your dolly will lay her head this holiday season.

Since I started my blog almost three full years ago now, I have been asked time and again about what to invest in for long term doll play and I have to say one of the most important pieces to encourage doll play has to be furniture.

Click here to see how I made a bed out of recycled cardboard
Doll Beds are as important as tables and chairs and even the doll themselves when it comes to doll play. A positive spin on a bed time routine for the younger ones is modeling how you want the bed time experience to be with your own doll lover. Getting Dolly ready for bed is not only a fun way to end your day but a great opportunity to turn off the electronics and "get in a bed time frame of mind"

Here are some of my favorite doll beds from around the online dolly world in many different price ranges. Something for every doll lovers budget and space. The above is the Farmhouse doll bed. By far one of the most wonderful double bed plans out there and best part is the plans are free. My brother in law JD built me one and three for his daughters last Christmas and it is such a great doll bed. Click here for the plans for Ana White's Farm Bed.

Springfield Doll Collection has a wonderful bed for dolls priced under $40's you can find it on line by clicking here  or you may luck into it in store at Micheal's or Jo-Anne's and be-able to use your coupon to bring this bed home for the holidays.  This bed also comes with bedding which makes it a very good value!
I loved this idea from Make it love 
I think it is absolutely brilliant . Click here to see how to make one for your dolls.
If making your own bed is up your alley this holiday season check out creationsbydeevee and her wonderful set to make your own  bed, headboard, bedspread, long pillow & bed pillow. It has instructions for the table, table skirt, flower arrangement & clock. This pattern is offered in her Etsy shop for $3.75 and can be viewed by clicking here
Another favorite of mine by Stacy and Stella is this pattern offered on both Etsy and Pixiefaire get it bunddled for $5.99 and get the pattern for the bedding as well!
Click here for the Pixiefaire website.

Best value under $60 has to be the Journey Girl's Bedroom set from  comes with everything seen above and would make any doll lover's day! Click here for online US listing. This product is also offered in Canada, I have seen it in store at Toys R Us. Keep a look out Canada!

My Friend NikiG created this bed for my blog  back in August of 2011. Made from Mailing Boxes this craft would make a great gift as well as a wonderful rainy or snow day craft. Click here to see how NikiG made her own.
I hope you enjoyed today's post and if you find a dolly bed I should know about or feature please let me know!
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  1. I got a nice doll bed from Ikea for just under $20.00. It's very easy to assemble. It's also unpainted, so if you want to paint it, I would recommend doing so before assembly. It comes with an extremely thin pillow and a flannel blanket. But since I was planning to make a doll quilt for it, I didn't mind.

  2. Great post on beds. I'm marking it to return to later. Springfield collection is also available AC Moore.

    @Catholic Bibliophagist - I like the idea of the IKEA bed. They have fun, sturdy toys.

  3. I'd love to know how your box bed (from 2011) is holding up. I made wooden beds for my kids' dolls, but my daughter is asking about a specific bed style, and I briefly considered making it from boxes. I hesitated mostly because I wasn't sure how well it would hold up to frequent (but careful) child play. Any thoughts?

  4. My box bed held up for quite a long time, until we got our cat that is. She slept on it and after a while it sagged so much we had to reinforce it.