Friday, November 15, 2013

Duck Dynasty Inspired Dolly Finds!

Yes I admit it I am a huge fan of Duck Dynasty. My friend Megan tried to get me to watch it for a year before I finally sat through a marathon. 10 minutes in to the first show I saw I was hooked.
Not a fan of hunting, guns or camo I was hard to convert to watch the show at first but I have learned more from watching the show about hunting for food and family that I can honestly say it is one of my most favorite programs on tv.

This year my two older boys wanted to be Characters from Duck Dynasty and I made a handmade beard for my older son to be Uncle Si. My middle son wanted to be Godwin. We loved it.
So today I wanted to share with you some of the dolly Duck Dynasty items I have come across on Etsy.
TeeTinyThings Etsy Shop is offering this Pillowcase dress for 18 inch dolls for $8 I love the trim! Click here for shop and lisiting.
Dakocreations Etsy shop has this wonderful 4 piece Bitty outfit for $34.99 including boots! Click here for shop and listing
DalesDollDesigns Etsy Shop has my most favorite 18 inch Duck Dynasty Inspired outfit in their shop. Click here for this Pink Camo  3 piece set offered at  $22.00. 
 Aunt Sissy Originals has this stunning holiday Camo Snowflake outfit offered at $26. Camo Glam! LOVE IT! Click here for shop and listing.

And while we are on the subject of Duck Dynasty Favorites. I picked up Duck the Halls when it came out on Tuesday November 5th and we have been listening to it non stop. It is a new family classic and if you love the show you are going to love this cd. I got mine at Walmart and when my sister went to get hers it was sold out.
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