Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dolly Get Well Play Sets

It is the time of Flu Season here. Colds, Cough and Flu spread like wild fire this time of year. Being sick is no fun but having a Dolly Get Well Themed Doll Play Items can brighten any doll lover who may be feeling under the weather this season.
The first outfit shown in the photo above is an outfit from Lucy's Doll Clothes Etsy Shop. Offered at $22 and includes the two-piece outfit, clogs, small baby doll. (Springfield Doll Not Included) Click here for shop and listing.  
 My Fun Clothes offers this dolly and me Hospital Gown Set priced just under $30 in their Etsy shop Click here for Shop and listing.
 Little Doll Closet is offering to make you dolly hospital gowns for  $9 click here for shop and listing.
GSR Dolls has this wonderful $18 set which includes the stethoscope and bandaids! Click here for shop and listing
My sister bought this set for me when we were in New York. It is such a great play set. I highly recommend it. Journey Girl items are sold at Toys R Us in the USA and now in Canada. Click here for my review from 2011
 On my much neglected Canadian Doll Blog My Maplelea My Country My doll blog I showed how I made Felt Bandaids for Dolls based on a tutorial I found on Pink and Green Mamma. Click here to view my tutorial.
Last November I created this Get Well Set for Doll Diaries. Click here for my Doll Diaries Tutorial.
I hope you have found some great doll play ideas for "getting well" in today's post and that you are all in good health today. 
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  1. Really cute. I'm feeling a bit under the weather today and this really made me smile.