Friday, November 8, 2013

Jessica T's Target Gems!

One of my wonderful and faithful readers Jessica T sent in this photo with her wonderful Target Tips and Gems!
"Target currently has the cutest dog Christmas outfits that work perfectly for dolls.  The winter cap and scarf, elf hat and sparkly skirts and reindeer ears.  For just $1 each!  
The Santa hat is from last year, but my daughter insisted she had to join the picture also."

Keep your eyes out for great deals for items like these this holiday season and be sure to email me your finds to share with others! Thank you Jessica for your Target Gems! 
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  1. What size dog outfits?

  2. "The ones in the dollar section were only one size. Otherwise I eyeball it, usually small or extra small." Jessica T

  3. I'm thinking there are a few dogs out there who are very happy these dolls a wearing these items and they are not. Everyone looks super cute!