Friday, May 30, 2014

A Quick Home Spa Visit! An Our Generation Doll Rescue and Repair

The other night one of my son's young friends called to ask if I could give her doll a make over. I was delighted! Her doll is an older Our Generation doll who has been very loved. I knew this hair make over needed the Heads Up Detangler from TwinPinesofMaine I use this product now daily on my dolls and love the results.
 I used the detangler straight letting it soak into the dolls very dry split hair and I also used it in a spray bottle. I used the wire wig brush from American Girl, and started by combing the ends and working my way to the top. *When you have an OG doll or a Springfield Doll a wire wig brush is not the best idea, if you can get a plastic brush your dolls hair will be less likely to split. But this head needed the strength of the wire brush.
After her hair, I used the Formula 911 also from Twin Pines Of Maine, on her face, ears, arms and legs.
That helped remove the ink and surface dirt from her vinyl and it worked like a charm!
This doll originally had her hair up so I decided to style her hair and make a bow.
This is where a well stocked craft box comes in handy! I grabbed my ribbon, buttons from Buttons Galore and More, as well as a gem stone and my Aleene's Glue from and in less then two minutes I made this fun and easy hair bow to match the dolls eyes and summer dress!
I then repeated the button pattern on the summer dress as embellishment. I was even able to deliver the doll back to her owner in time for a quick play before bed time. I was thrilled with how this make over turned out and honored to be asked to help with it.
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  1. Thanks for the tips about the OG and Springfield dolls. We see them at thrift stores a lot and have rescued one or two, but their hair is almost always a mess that I haven't been able to solve yet. I may look into this detangler, and I'll have to look for a plastic brush, too.

  2. What do you mean by a plastic brush? Do you mean a regular hair brush? Why is a wire brush normally hard on an OG doll?

  3. I am so glad you asked. For a Plastic brush I mean a brush where the bristles have been covered with plastic or are made of plastic. The hair and OG doll has is a different quality or Saran or Plastic then that of the wigs of American Girl or Maplelea Dolls. If you can even a Toothbrush (unused of course) does a great job on doll hair for OG dolls, Springfield and Barbie. I hope that helps!

  4. Great results. Thank you for the tip on the type of brush to use for OG & Springfield.
    Do you know which brush is best for a Madame Alexander?