Friday, May 16, 2014

My Life As Stars and Stripes! A Madelon Fun find!

Madelon is getting ready for Memorial Day with this $9.97 outfit from My Life As at Walmart.

Comes with headband, top, skirt, red shoes....

the shoes are so cute! This is a good time to point out that no matter who makes the shoes if your dolls feet are not covered with white socks you will want to store them barefoot when not in play so you do not have to worry about color from shoes transferring to your dolls feet!
 "The red stitching is a great touch and all the pieces are easy to put on and use with other outfits!"
Thank you Madelon for sharing this outfit with us today and we know many of you will keep your eyes out for this outfit and many of the other fun sets available at your local Walmart.
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  1. I have this outfit too... I found the skirt is a bit snug

  2. I saw this outfit at my Walmart and didn't get it. I might have to go back for it now cuz it's just so cute!