Friday, May 2, 2014

Formula 911- Just How Clean Are Your Dolls?

Have you ever wanted to really clean your dolls vinyl? Wondered how to remove oil and dirt safely from your dolls? When just baking soda and water doesn't do the trick, you need to know about Formula 911 From Twin Pines of Maine. 
 This is a wonderful doll care product you can purchase on line from Twin Pines of Maine
I was recently sent this from dollspart and choose Ruthie as my first doll to give a make over...

I did not have to scrub hard or soak the dolls arms and legs, the dirt just wiped off!
The dirt on Ruthie's face was a lot more then I had thought, I was surprised at how dark my cotton balls were!
I am truly impressed by this product and it's results, it removed the dirt I could see and the dirt I did not even know about!
You can order Formula 911 from  either or

Check out Formula 911 on line by clicking here Thank you to Barbara for sending this wonderful new product my way! I can not wait to use it on all my dolls.
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  1. Thanks for reviewing this product. I had been looking at it online and wishing I knew someone who had tried it. You said that you used a "cotton ball" to clean the doll. It looked more like a pad to me. Where did you find it?

  2. The cotton balls I used are 100% pure cotton ball pads sold as Quilted Pads at Walmart in the makeup section. Basically just a flat version of cotton balls.

  3. I usually use Magic Eraser but this does look like it works better. Is it much more expensive than Magic Eraser?

  4. $14.99 and it will last a long time! I only used a few drops in my water solution.

  5. Nice! I know Dr. Di highly recommends this brand. It's nice to have a second opinion.