Monday, September 14, 2015

75 More Days To Pre Order Nicky Epstein's Enchanted Kints For Dolls

I am a huge fan of pre ordering books of all kinds. Pre ordering books on line helps all authors and helps publishers understand how much faith we have in our favorite series and authors. One of the most beautiful and favorite pattern books I enjoy are the series by Nicky Epstein and her newest book Enchanged Knits for Dolls comes out in 75 more days!
"Nicky Epstein presents an enchanting collection of fantasy and fairy tale costumes for the popular 18-inch dolls. The beloved author has created 22 imaginative patterns featuring favourite characters, including Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Peter Pan, as well as a dragon, unicorn, witch, fairy, mermaid, wizard and pirate. Plus, there are three matching accessory patterns for little girls, so they can dress up in whimsical knits too! Each doll is presented in a beautifully photographed and creatively designed setting to match its costume, sure to inspire everyone who loves make-believe and magic."
You can pre order it with free shipping and 10% off at The Book Depository. It is currently offered at $20.63 US ($27.25 CND) and you can learn more about this stunning pattern book by clicking here.
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