Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy Birthday To Anna, Duchess of Bedford, Creator of Afternoon Tea!

My nieces morning tea party from earlier this summer

Today Madelon just let me know  is the birthday of Anna, the Duchess of Bedford who created the afternoon tea. I am a huge fan of tea, Tea Time and pretty much everything to do with tea and I did not even know about today so thank you to Madelon for poining it out and for sharing these wonderful photos!

I became a tea drinker in 2009 and have enjoyed so many wonderful pots of different teas since then. I actually on one of my other blogs post about tea daily and I have an Instagram account that I share my daily tea photos and my collection of teacups. Click here for my website and for my daily instagram photos please click here.
Madelon kindly shares with us her photos of Samantha's Tea Cart what a treasure that would be to have!
So get out your best teacups and saucers and set up your own tea party in celebration of the woman who made that all possible Anna, Duchess of Bedford. Click here to learn more about her from Thank you Madelon for sharing this with us today!
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