Sunday, September 6, 2015

Walmart My Life As Halloween Costumes For Your Dolls

Madelon has kindly sent in photos of the Walmart near where she lives that is offering some wonderful doll outfits for Halloween!

My favorite for obvious reasons is the Witch Costume....with purple on it too! I must have this outfit!
My second favorite has to be this Wonderwoman inspired look, I still wish I had my underroos from when I was little I lived in them!
Madelon's favorite and anyone looking to add to their 1950's style wardrobe will love this Rock and Roll outfit!
Princess, Fairies, Ballet and Mermaid too!
Check your Walmart for fun items you can add to your dolls collection like these!
Thank you Madelon for these photos and fun finds. Thank you to My Life As and Walmart for making these outfits available and affordable for all doll lovers.
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