Friday, September 4, 2015

Toys R Us Journey Girl Jack Pot!

Toys R Us is the home of the Journey Girls and Madelon hit the jack pot on a recent trip into her local Toys R Us store.
Journey girl's are lovely dolls but they are very popular right now for their furniture sets and accessories.
Their accessibility and price make their line one I am very happy to promote
 The sets are high quality and have lots of play potential!
One of my favorite pieces from their collection is this shelf!
They have new outdoor furniture sets and fun living room sets that wont break the budget and will fit very well in your dolls house!
they have fluffy fun pets too!
I also think they put together fun accent pieces and most everything  in htis set will fit an American Girl Doll.
Just becareful when buying the clothing sets as the Journey Girls are much thinner then the American Girl Dolls so clothing is not always a perfect fit, same with shoes!
The shoes are usually longer then an AG foot so keep that in mind when purchasing.
These dolls would make a lovely addition to your doll family so you may want to think about bringing them home to your doll lover this holiday season!
Thank you Madelon for sharing these photos with us today. You can find Journey Girls in both the USA and Canada at Toys R Us in store or on line.
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  1. There is also a camping set, a ski and snowboard set, a horse corral, a couch, and over 22 new outfits!!! The Toys R Us near me has had all of the new items. A lot of them are online at the US site. They have some really cute new outfits. It's too bad many of them will not fit AG dolls. There are also some new accessory sets; a sports set, a workout set, a cooking set, and a rain set. Neat!


  2. Agree with you and have 4 of these beautiful dolls. Received Mikaella as a gift in July and she's GORGEOUS with a different face mold than the older dolls, but they're all quite lovely at their lower price point.