Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Espari Dolls at Barnes and Noble

Madelon just sent me some lovely doll photos from Barnes and Noble! The Espari dolls look very similar to the Journey Girl Dolls and have wonderful accessories.
Outfits start at $20 check out the adorable sun glasses in the first pack!
The dolls are beautifully dressed. 

Come with wonderful fashion forward and tween approved clothing!
Casual and fun multi item accessories and outfits in each package are a great value!
Wonderful colors and very cute shoes!
Thank you Madelon for letting us know about these dolls at Barnes and Noble!
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  1. Never heard of these dolls before -- do their shoes fit Journey Girls? I'd LOVE some nicer shoes for my JGs!


    the dolls are only available on line

    1. I have seen them in store personally while I was in the USA this summer! Perhaps they are just not yet in your local store.