Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Do You Know About Bendastix? I Love These Reusable Kits!

Today I am excited to share with you a fantastic reusable craft kit that is so much fun and is an easy and creative way to enhance your doll play!
I was sent this fun kit to review from the wonderful people at Fibre Craft and it is one of the best products I have ever gotten to review. There are so many ways you can use and reuse this kit. You can make doll glasses, necklaces, hairbands, pencil toppers, cars, aliens and so much more!
You can find these kits on line at / and you can also find them on Amazon by clicking here.
As you may know I am a huge fan of Min Dolls and this kit has some fun bendastix that are perfect for mini doll play! I love the mini stix which make fun hairbands and the bendastix glasses are fun too! You get 36 stickers in the kid and they have some great glasses which look great on Maryellen!
You can also make fun Mini doll Halloween Masks and Hairbands for your mini's with this fun set!
I loved making these funky glasses for Madison my Springfield Doll. You can mix and match the sticks to design different glasses and make hairbands for your dolls
More then fun with the dolls these are just fun to play with you can bend the stixs in so many different ways and reuse them. There is a calming benefit I found from just playing with these stix, these Stix work as great self regulation fidgets. As a parent of children with special needs who often have busy hands, fidgets (small toys or bands) that a child can fidget with while listening at story time or during table time are a beneficial tool to aide in listening and calming hands and bodies. My kids love playing with them and I love that they still bend and bend back after countless uses as both a craft kit and as fidgets.
I brought a few kits to a moms group that I belong to of parents with both regular and special needs and we played with these kits while we as adults chatted and we loved playing with them. I have asked my friends in the group to take a few kits home and try them out with their children. The feed back I have gotten so far has been so positive!
As a parent and a behavior interventionist myself I have used these with children with different abilities and I really like how they help not only for self regulation but for the promotion of fine motor skills. Kids of all abilities will love playing with these kits and parents and caregivers will love the no mess and re usable features of these kits.
I personally think these would make excellent birthday party gifts and rainy day or quiet table time kits. You can find out more about Bendastix by clicking here.
Thank you To Fiber Craft and Bendastix for sending me these kits to review and look for more posts and a great give away coming soon!
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