Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Beforever Josefina Mini Doll and Maryellen Sale On The Book Depository!

I order my mini dolls from The Book Depository because I get free shipping with every order and they are way less expensive then in store at Indigo for me. Currently you can order the new beforever Josefina for $16.67 US.  ($22.13 Canadian)

This is a huge savings for mini doll lovers like me. I ordered my mini Maryellen from The Book Depository before she was released and I love her! She is also available on sale for the same price still on The Book Depository of $16.67 US or $22.13 Canadian!) Click here to see and order her for your own collection or to put away for the holidays!

I love saving money on my doll collection and The Book Depository makes it easy!
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