Saturday, September 5, 2015

OG Diner Love!

My Friend Adele another lovely reader and doll collector recently purchased and shared her Our Generation Diner with me so that I could share with you. I know Madelon also has this set and everyone I talked to loves this set! It is at time of posting available and offered on Target for just over $109.00 Click here for listing.
There is so much to love in about this set, the price, the accessories and the play ability of this set makes it so desirable!
This Our Generation Reto is avalible at Target and is selling fast. If you are hoping to give or get this set this holiday season start tracking it down now! 
Thank you Adele for allowing me to share your photos with our readers and look for more fun photos of this set in some of Madelon's fun find posts coming up soon!
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