Saturday, November 11, 2017

Remeberance Day/ Veterans Day, Blessedly Stressed Saturday...

Today we observe Remembrance Day here in Canada and Veterans Day in the USA.

Weather is getting cooler, Christmas is playing on the radio, and the stores are loaded with holiday spirit.  And here I am out at our local Office Max, which is going out of business, and buying all the kids school supplies for next fall.  I have binders, backpacks, and notebooks loaded in a tote to pick from in August😊 I’ll thank myself then. 

So, a fun project, if you are looking for one.  Homemade washer and dryers for dolls.  If you have a local Five and Below store find their coin bank safes.  They are smaller, but perfect for dolls. 

 I have thought a LONG time about what I could use for a washer and dryer in my shop – I think these could work.  They actually come in cute colors and are only $5.00 buck each.  I suppose if you are not fond of the color you can spray paint them… like I did.  I will warn you though – use the combination on the bottom to open the safe because once you spray paint the lock portion, you really can’t see the numbers.  Needless to say, I had to break into my safe.  HA!  Then you need to find a neat housing for the set.  I prefer to have mine stacked.  A housing could be a rectangular basket or you could build a quick box to stack both pieces in.  I would decorate it too and add some fun accessories.  Like signs, box of laundry soap, maybe a few clothes pins, and a small wicker basket for clothes.  Go ahead – get creative.  I will post finished pieces next week.  Be kind, stay positive, and always do for others. 

Thank you Jenny! Check out what Jenny has been creating over in the Rita Pita Boutique by clicking here. 
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