Friday, July 20, 2012

A great sock sale, at Aunt Bee's Old Sew n Sew

I have great news from Aunt Bee's Old Sew' N' Sew she has a great sale on her doll socks!

"Buy 5 pairs of socks get one 10 pairs of socks get 3 free!"
If you are like me with more then one doll or more then one niece to buy for ( Or daughter or grand daughter) this is a great sale to take advantage of. Doll socks make great items to tuck into a letter, advent calendar, hand made holiday cracker not to mention a great party favor and loot bag treat!
From hearts...
To argyle...
To Spots....
To Stars and Stripes this shop has socks for every doll lovers taste!
You will not have a hard time picking socks to fill your dolls wardrobe with and with the "buy 5 get one free or the buy 10 get three sale "  Now is the perfect time to stock up on doll socks!
Click here to visit Aunt Bee's Old Sew ' N " Sew ! Sale ends at the end of July, Shop early for the best selection.

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  1. I just stocked up on socks, (and a few undies too!). I remember in the 70s, my older sister and I had some really groovy sock patterns, and now my grooy 70s dolls can have them too. Thanks for the tip, Karen!

  2. I am so glad! I love doll socks! I can not wait to see your photos!