Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dear Jillian-JULY 4th

Dear Jillian, 
Today is July 4th and it is a big holiday here in the USA, but it is also my birthday. Sometimes I feel like my birthday gets lost in all the celebrating. How can I make my birthday feel as important as Independence day? I wish sometimes my birthday was just on a regular day like most of my friends. Do you have any suggestions on how to make my birthday more about me?
 Your friend.
"born on the 4th"

Dear born on the 4th,

Wow you know that is pretty special to have your birthday on such an important day for your country. My great grandmother was also born on the day my country celebrates it's birthday. She used to say all the parades and pancake breakfasts and fireworks were just for her! I believed her when I was little too!
It is so important to remember that both days are important for different reasons. You will always have a day off on your birthday which is great! My mom always has to work on her birthday and I can not imagine growing up and having to work on my birthday but my mom says that will I think you are very lucky!
Do you have your party on July 4th? If you want to have your birthday stand out maybe ask your parents if you can have a party the weekend before to celebrate. This way the birthday party will be more about you and you can enjoy the day of  your birth with family and and celebrate all the wonderful things that the 4th has to offer!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Your friend,

 Note from Karen if you would like to make party crafts for your dolls. Like the ones shown in the photos above click here for the post I wrote on Doll Diaries.

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