Friday, July 6, 2012

Delightful Dolly Dresses from, Ohio's own Blinkers Etsy shop!

I found Blinker's Oh Etsy shop a few months back and I keep coming back to it!
I love the outfits created by Teresa and wanted to share with you a bit of her shop and history.
You can tell her attention to detail and see her amazing work in her equally fantastic photo's on her shops page
Here photos really help viewers make their choices that much easier!

Teresa shared with me a bit about herself and I though you might enjoy it too!
" I love to make things - I dabble in silver smithing, sterling silver chain maille,
painting, silk dying/painting, knitting and of course sewing."

" For me making these dolls dresses is all about the fabric. I adore picking out fabrics and am also looking for new suppliers, either online or locally. (I just found a new quilt shop that happened to have 43% off everything sales going on the very day I walked in - man was that fun!!!!) Then thinking up how to use these new fabrics and making new designs. I seemed to be hooked on dresses right now. I'm looking forward to Halloween as I am thinking of some doll costumes."

"I am retired now so have time to work on my hobbies - I was a data cruncher at the local university - worked on gathering stats for reporting purposes."

"I have only the one doll right now - but would like to get some more - maybe some of the retired Year dolls."

"I was born in Australia (came here in 1972 with my husband - he is a University physics prof) but my mother always sewed and knit out of necessity rather than for fun - so I learned from her. Australia has an "Australian Girl Doll" which is a bit larger but by what I can tell they have only limited styles - one is not able to choose, hair, eyes etc as you can with AGD."

Karen's note you can visit Australian Girl by clicking here. I have Emily and I love her! She is so well made!

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I hope you will check out Blinkers Oh! Etsy Shop.
Thank you to Teresa for sharing with us today her shop and her talent!

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  1. I love your blog and all the ideas you give me. Thank you so much! I love to make American Girl clothing - most of which will be donated as an auction item for the WESTIE FOUNDATION OF AMERICA to raise $'s for research.

    Visit my sewing blog at: - this is my record of clothing made

    If you have any comments you'd like to share - please post on my everyday blog with is:

    All the best,

  2. Cute!!!!:)

    Also, do you do interviews? If so, I would like to be interviewed. :)