Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dear Jillian

Dear Jillian, 
I just got back from the eye doctor and I have to wear glasses now. I am worried that with school starting people will look at me funny. 
My new glasses arrive on Friday and I am really worried about wearing them out in public!
I don't want to be the only one wearing glasses in my class!
Worried about being called names! What should I do? 
Your Friend, 
Now with glasses

Dear "Now with glasses"
 I understand how you must be feeling, I have glasses too. I have had them for a while now and I felt the same way you do right now when I got them.  I have learned to love my glasses, they help me to see and I think I look pretty good in them. When I got my glasses I was worried about what other people thought but I was also amazed at how much better I saw things when I had my glasses on! I think you will soon "see" how well you "see" with your glasses and you will not worry as much about what people think of how you look in them.  If someone makes fun of you having to wear glasses they are not being nice. Turn to them and say, "They help me see better and I like them" If that person keeps bugging you tell someone who can help like a teacher, parent or friend.
If you look around any store, restaurant or class room you will see people wear glasses all the time! I bet now that you have glasses you will see that you are not alone!
Your Friend,

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