Thursday, July 12, 2012

Learn to braid this summer like my niece Beth did!

Last week my niece Beth came and stayed with me for a few days and what is an 11 year old  going to do in a house full of boys for two days I am sure she was wondering, but Aunty Karen has a doll room and even if you are not a doll person, living in a room with 15 dolls will make you at least want to pick one up.
Beth asked me if she could braid my dolls hair to which I was delighted, I am not actually able to french braid so with the help of Youtube my nice perfected the French braid, the Fish tail braid and the Dutch braid...If only I was so talented!
She did such a great job braiding and re-braiding all my dolls hair I am thinking they may stay that way until she visits again!
If you want to learn how to braid the same way Beth did watch these You Tube Videos and teach yourself!

This one is a great video!
Learn to do a waterfall braid with Doll Diaries!
Here is another great braiding tutorial!

Not on a doll but a good tutorial....
Another great doll braiding video.

There are so many wonderful tutorials on You Tube, I may just have to learn myself!

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