Monday, July 23, 2012

Doll Pet love Brandy Style

My sister purchased the Payne Street Doll Boutique Vet Center for my niece's
birthday.  I was in charge of the accessories.
 The doctor scrubs and stethoscope were found on ebay.

  I was fortunate that she had several pets...I only added the bird (thanks to
Karen) and the little fish.  It is a cute set and all set up is very
The bird cage is also a candle holder with a dollar store bird in it.

The fish bowl is a candle holder with a little Pet Shop fish in it.

The file folder is a craft box spray painted pink.  The file folders are
made out of card stock paper.  Each file has printouts of a different
picture of an animal in it.

The clip board is made from a laminate sample with a binder clip attached.

Once again made pencils out of toothpicks and used a hairspray cap as the

Used some dollar store balls as pet toys.

Found a mini canister set at Target...made pet biscuits/treats for
one...used white pom-poms for cotton balls for another...used gauze wrap for
bandages in the last one.I found mini bottle shaped erasers to use as shampoo/medicine.

I found metal ramekin dishes at Walmart...made great larger pet food dishes.
I used water bottle caps for the smaller pet food dishes.  I took a dried
out blue sponge and cut to size of dish for water.  I used tan pipe cleaners
and cut/rolled into small circles for the food.

The bath accessories were recycled from the AG tube set....I think white
packaging peanuts would also make great bath bubbles.

I love this set that Brandy put together for her niece and I am thrilled that Char over at Doll Diaries made some great printables that will help you create your own doll pet spa! Click here for the Doll Diaries post and the link to the free PDF print out is yours to be enjoyed!

A huge thank you to Brandy for sharing her creations with us and if you would like to see the wonderful furniture that Payne Street offers click here for their Etsy shop

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