Thursday, August 30, 2012

Magazine Cover Fun from American Girl

I belong to a few fun online groups and it was through one of these groups I found out you can make your own cover art for your own American Girl Magazine Photo!

Simply by going to The American girl website and clicking here you can upload your own images for your personal use!
My nieces were thrilled to see themselves on the cover.
 This is a wonderful, fun and free feature on The American Girl Website that I am so thrilled with!
I hope you will have as much fun playing with this as I did! Just remember to click the blue link to get started creating your own.

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  1. @Karenmomofthree it doesn't work for me?

  2. not sure why go to American and click on the magazine link and it should take you to the photo creator.

  3. This is from an archived magazine for May/June 2013. I couldn't get it to work.