Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Springfield Craft for Gymnastic loving dolls and doll review

I loved this craft that Springfield Doll Collection created and was shared on Doll Diaries  last week. I wanted to share it here as I know there are many of you out there creating items for your dolls and daughters (grand daughters and nieces too) for the up coming holiday season and this craft would make the most wonderful homemade gift!
You can download the PDF file on Doll Diaries by clicking here

I am very thrilled with Springfield Dolls and their collection, I love my Springfield Dolls Madison and Olivia so much!
If you are new to the doll world or are a doll lover like I am seriously consider adding these wonderful dolls to your doll collection and family. I can personally attest to how much love these dolls receive in our family, having purchased one for each of my nieces and owning two of my own, these dolls make the perfect gift!
Items from the Springfield collection are among some of the most favorite items in my collection. I love the clothing and accessories. I find them well made and reasonably priced. Making quality doll play items that most everyone can afford is a quality in this company I admire.
I watch my flyers for coupons to Micheal's The craft store here in Canada (though you can buy on line and in other craft stores in the USA) and purchase dolls, clothing  and accessories at an even greater savings.
For the last three Christmas' my niece Laura has begged me for Dolly Shoes for Christmas, and I have been able to accommodate her wishes each year with a new pair of Springfield Doll shoes. This year will be no exception as I got a great deal on some Springfield Doll Shoes with my coupons, the only trouble will be picking out which pair to give her.
From casual to dressy this collection has something for everyone! If you shop year round for the holidays, birthday gifts or Advent calender items this collection is one of my personal favorites!
Check out Springfield Collection on line by clicking here and start your collection today.
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  1. Ha! You know how I feel about my Springfield Collection dolls! And I love the SF Style Club! Say, have you seen their ice-cream stand craft? Awesome!

  2. Hi,
    My daughter is five and of course she is into doll. She chose Abby. Here is my question how do you keep the doll hair from messy?

  3. I keep it tied back usually and when styling it I always make sure to use a spray bottle with a bit of fabric softener in it. Then if you can braid it or keep it in a pony tail!