Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brandy's Doll Baby Sitting Doll Play Sets inspired by Doll Diaries Babysitting Club

 Doll Diaries 100 Days of Doll Play has been such a wonderful resource for doll play ideas this summer and On Day 58 Char shared with us the Babysitters Club idea for our dolls.

 Brandy and her daughters have expanded on this idea and found some wonderful additions to her doll play collection.

"The mini Circo Babies from Target (8 inch dolls) make a perfect size infant
doll for 18 inch dolls.  They run $3.39 each.  Jayla picked out a darker
skinned doll to be Addy's baby sister, Esther.  They offer a variety of
dolls.  You could use one as baby Polly for Felicity or baby Phillip for
Marie-Grace.  You could also use them for a pretend babysitting service.
They offer a stroller, highchair & potty set, wash tub, car seat/carrier,
cradle, and additional clothes....all sized for these little dolls.  They
offer both boy and girl outfits.  The prices are very reasonable.  Sets
range from $9-13 each."

"The 'Mini Out & About' offers a very cute doll and carrier set.  Priced at $9.29."

"The 'Mini Feed & Go' offers a feeding chair, potty chair, doll, diaper, and
bib.  The potty makes a flushing sound when the front button is pushed.  The
little potty looks cute next to the larger one my daughters use for the 18
inch dolls.  Priced at $ 12.99."

"I'm sure my daughters will want more of these cute little inexpensive sets.
Happy Playing!" Brandy

I know you will also love this Doll Play Printable from Doll Diaries  to print you own Baby Sitter notes visit Doll Diaries printable by clicking here
Thank you to Brandy and her daughters for sharing with us their photos and ideas!
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  1. Oh Brandy that turned out beyond adorable!! Email me one of the photos so I can post it on Doll Diaries, too! The little baby dolls from Target are perfect!

  2. I found these little cuties as well just before last Christmas! My girls LOVE them and they are the PERFECT SIZE as well as their accessories! They have made a great addition to our doll family! They also have a little boy baby in the mix but he can be hard to find sometimes so u have to look carefully! Next on my "to do list" is to make some little clothes for them too!!

  3. Can you tell me what brand or where you got the pink and white larger doll potty? Thank you!

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