Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A review of Julie's 1970s pistachio cake!

A lady I know in the Doll World Angela, made Julie's 1970's Pistachio Cake and shared with me her experience to share with all of you our review today.
K:" Tell me what prompted you to make Julie's  Pistachio cake?"

A: "I made the cake for a couples meet up group BBQ that my husband and I were attending"

K: How did it turn out?

A: "It turned out great- I was worried the cake would get destroyed coming out of the pan, but it slid right out. I even took some of the batter and made two little cupcakes so that my husband and I could taste it without cutting into the main cake. They were delicious."

K: Was it easy to make?

A: "It was very easy to make since it is mostly adding a few ingredients to a cake mix. The frosting is just pistachio pudding mix, milk, and Cool Whip. I'd been meaning to try this recipe for ages."

K: Have you ever made anything out of the Ag cook books before?

A: "I've had some of the AG cookbooks since I was a kid, and have made a handful of the recipes over the years."

K:Do you recommend this book/Recipe?

A: "Sure, I recommend any of the AG cookbooks. Many of the recipes are pretty standard items you can easily find the exact same recipe for in other books, but there are a few more unique things like Julie's pizza fondue. The directions are straightforward and easy to follow. The pictures are bright and colorful. The main reason to get these books, though, is all the neat historical tidbits that are sprinkled throughout the pages."

And finally.....
 K: Which American Girl Doll is your favorite?

A: "My favorite American Girl is a toss between Samantha and Rebecca. Samantha is my longtime childhood friend while Rebecca is the Jewish historical character I had always wished for,
I currently have 18 AG dolls.

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 Thank you to  Angela for sharing her review and photos with us today!
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  1. I have Julie's cooking studio book, and have been meaning to try this recipe, as I love pistachio pudding. Maybe now I will.