Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Regency Fashions on Etsy

With the release of the newest American Girl Historical Doll Caroline Abbot, we are starting to see a surge of wonderful time period fashions showing up on Etsy.
Today I wanted to showcase some of my Etsy favorites with all of you. The above Ivory gown from Made Especially For you By Jane Ellen Etsy shop is a great place to start. This handmade Frock is offered at a respectable $22 and can be viewed by clicking here
For a more contemporary spin on Regency Fashions head on over to The Edwardian Girl, offering some beautifully crafted Regency and Edwardian Fashions for your doll. Click here for Shop listing.
This exquisite crisp white taffeta gown with pink accents is offered by Ashely of Sewed Her Mind's Etsy shop for $26 Click here for shop listing.
Over at Designed for Doll's Etsy shop this stunning gold and cream dress caught my eye. Offered at $22.95 this would make a stunning addition to your historical doll wardrobe. Click here for shop and listing.
There are so many wonderful items listed in her shop I had to share this listing with you as well. This Spencer Jacket and hat are quite breathtaking! click here for shop listing.
Over at Mother of Nine's Etsy shop (Grandma of 15 as well) both ready made and patterns for Regency Era items are available. Click here for Shop and listing.

I do love the close of the Regency Era and looking at today's fashions I wish more of that elegant style would make it's way back to your wardrobes but for now I hope you have enjoyed my Etsy Favorites today.
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