Saturday, August 11, 2012

American Girl Treasure totes

When I was in the AG store last January these little Treasure Totes caught my eye, I picked one up and thought these would make great gifts and perfect stocking stuffers.
This Julie's Treasure Tote is offered in store and on line but I found a great price on these Treasure Totes from The Book Depository, Shipped to my door for $3.74!!!
Inside these Treasure Totes are activities, stickers, craft ideas and more
From The Book Depository Discription
"Girls can discover tiny treasures within this little tote-all inspired by Molly! It's filled with goodies that offer a peek into Molly's historical world: a mini abridged book, mini paper dolls with play scenes and dress-up stickers, a pencil pal, a doodle card, a puzzle page, a mini craft, and more."
Click here for Molly's Treasure Tote on The Book Depository
Marie-Grace & Cecile's totes are also offered under $4 shipped to your door from The Book depository!
Be sure to pick up these treasure totes and all the historical girl doll totes when you are in store or on line, if like me you do not live in the USA and are not near an American Girl Store check out the wonderful American Girl Titles offered by The Book Depository and remember The Book Depository Ships free WORLD WIDE!

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