Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A wonderful Vintage Inspired Doll Play PDF set for your dolls on Etsy

You know every now and then I stumble upon an incredible Doll Play find that blows my mind and I am happy to report I just found one on Etsy.

eVintage Patterns Etsy shop offers doll play items and patterns inspired by vintage and  historical patterns from 1910-1950.
So you may be wondering how and what this means for us 18 inch doll lovers....
eVintage Patterns offers three fantastic packages filled with printable activities, decorations and doll food ideas for Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day.
Each PDF file contains some incredible doll play ideas and crafts that you can print, make and play with right away!
Even games and books you can make your dolls!
What originally drew me to this Etsy shop was the  Halloween Printables and I love Vintage Halloween and love this set I got. I even ran out of color ink while printing, with more then 30 pages of Doll Play items and ideas perfectly sized for our 18 inch dolls I am beyond impressed and can not wait to create each and every item I have printed out! 
I have now had them printed at my local Staples!

If you are a doll collector, doll lover or parent or teacher of an 18 inch doll loving child YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THESE FANTASTIC Printables!

Now you all know how I like to share ideas of things you can make for your child/grand child/niece/dolls
especially for items you can make and reuse time and time again, I think eVintage Printables are simply a must have for doll play!

 You can see in the above photo just how great and realistic the graphics are!
Even the least crafty of my readers can hit this one out of the park!
Check out eVintage today by clicking any of the highlighted words or blue underlined words
in today's post.


  1. OMG! Beistle wall hangings for Halloween! Woo-Hoo! Remember when you would walk into school in October, and your teacher would have the Beistles hanging up? If you lived in a suburban area, you probably saw some hanging on people's houses too. I'm DEFINITELY checking this out! Thanks Karen!

  2. So happy to hear this! I loved these! I can not wait to do a Halloween Photo shoot!

  3. what an amazing find! LOVE IT LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks so much, Karen, for showcasing my AG FunStuff Printable PDF e-booklets! What a great website you have! I wanted to add that I always have a special sale "Buy ANY 2 e-items and YOU pick out ANY other e-item for FREE!" PLUS everything is 15% off right now as well! So, you can get all three AG Funstuff packs for 2!
    Thanks again Karen! ~carol

    1. That's what I did...bought Halloween and Christmas and got Valentines for free!