Monday, January 7, 2013

Do you know Maru? Check out these wonderful dolls!

Recently I came across these beautiful dolls on Facebook called Maru and Friends
I contacted Maru and Friends to find out more about these exquisite  dolls.   Each of these 20inch vinyl dolls are beautifully made and come with a *hardcover story book and certificate of authenticity.
The dolls are Tanya, Maru, Jamie,Savannah and Raven. These beautiful and award winning dolls are a doll lovers delight! *books included with Tanya, Maru and Jamie
I wanted to know more about these dolls and I am pleased to share with you a bit more about Maru and her friend dolls...

"Our story is a very unique one that sets us apart from all other doll lines. We aim to celebrate the beauty of cultural diversity through each of our ethnic dolls. "Forever Friends" is the first book in our series and it relates the story of Maru through her own eyes. This book comes with three of our dolls- Maru, Jamie, and Tanya. In this book, all of Maru's adventures come to life as she relates her very own experiences through the eyes of a young girl who has migrated to the United States to live with her aunt and uncle. During the year she waits for her parents to follow, her family and new friends teach her everything there is to know about living in a big city, going to school, enjoying family time, and having fun!"
"Our company is the sole creator and producer of Maru and Friends. It is for this reason that we have the opportunity to get to know and appreciate every doll lover who visits our store or Facebook page
To visit Maru and Friends on line or on Facebook click any of the blue words in this post.  

I love the idea behind these dolls and the delicate features unique to each of them. 
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  1. what wonderful looking dolls! Hope to hear more about them soon!

  2. I have Maru and hope to add one of her friends to our doll family this year. She is absolutely stunning in person and extremely high quality. Her hair is just gorgeous and they paid such attention to detail on her clothing. She is definitely worth it!

  3. It was Doll diaries I saw these on, Thanks Char! Have wanted one since, they have such adorable faces! I would probably get Tanya, because that was my sister's name. They are so cute! Are you going to get one?
    Happy New Year Karen!

    1. I want a Tanya doll, as well. She is my favorite from the bunch!! Her color of skin matches my daughter's almost to perfection. And I saw she is $30 off original price for the time being. :O Must. Have. Tanya!!! :D

  4. Hi, I am Sandra from Perth Western Australia..i really really want Maru doll for a month now... I just wanna ask where can ibuy it in Australia..Please help
    Thank you

  5. I finally got Maru...she is so beautiful..and good quality,..I change her hair to a very long blond.. :-)
    I'm always waiting for your new post,Its very interesting,