Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy Bittersweet Chocolate Day!

Today is Bittersweet Chocolate Day. So Madelon kindly took some great dolly photos of her doll enjoying this Bittersweet Chocolate Treat! This cake is actually a dollar store candle.

 "The candle sits upon a tray from Miniare Cafe. The tray sits on a cake plate which I purchased from TJ Maxx on sale for a dollar."
 You can trim the wick at the top of the cake's swirl to make this dolly treat look more real.
I love Bittersweet Chocolate, Hershey's special dark is my all time favorite, and while you must promise to enjoy some chocolate today for yourself, we recommend keeping an eye out at your local dollar stores for these wonderful treats you can re-purpose for doll play.
Now is also a wonderful time to pick up some Etsy Chocolate Treats for your doll play collection. we are huge fans here at Karenmomofthree's Craft blog of the work that Miniare Minatures  does and the above set is currently offered in her shop.
Looking for some chocolate dipped dolly cookies this shop has a great set that would make a wonderful addition to your doll play food collection.
We also love Jessie Raye's creations for our doll play food collections and her Chocolate Cake makes my mouth water! Click here to visit her shop and see for yourself how her doll play cakes and treats look good enough to eat.
Tea offered and blended by Brush Creek Wool Works Etsy shop.

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